What’s in your fridge?

Ty Miranda, 127

TyMiranda_StickyRiceI finally gave in. Last week, I bought myself a fridge after living four months on my own without one. I thought I could do it. I thought I could brave drinking warm water,avoid having leftovers, or the other crazy things people do without fridges. And I was wrong.

It started one morning when I just had it. I was so tired of waking up and eating cereal with warm box milk. Sure, I could still taste the milky presence. Sure, the cereal still tasted better than fried mystery meat and rice for breakfast, but I hit my breaking point. I just wanted a bowl of cereal with cold milk.

AnaLang_Sticky Rice

Christiana Lang

It seems silly really, to spend 5,000 baht to have cold milk, but I did it. That same day, after having my warm bowl of cereal, I logged onto Lazada to buy a fridge. I found one for a good deal and best of yet, it would be delivered to my front door in 1-2 days’ time. Isn’t that something? No need to go pick out the fridge or interact with store personal. I just went online, ordered a fridge in English and it’s shipped to my one bedroom house in the middle of North Eastern Thailand.

After two days of waiting for my fridge, it finally arrived at 8 P.M. on a Friday night. It ended up that the driver had no form of GPS, so finding where I lived was not easy. It took two Thai speakers and excessive waving of arms for him to find me. But, he did.

I set up my fridge that night and for the next two hours I just watched my fridge come to life. I mean, it’s not like I had much of anything else going on. I did let it run with one box of milk inside. And finally two hours later, I was sitting and eating my bowl of cereal with some refreshingly cold milk.

AnnieGrayson_Sticky Rice

Annie Grayson

As I was finishing eating, I surveyed the contents that made it into my new fridge. I had two bottles of water, milk, and peanut butter. That was it. After spending 5,000 baht that was all I managed to put in my fridge. I had a moment where the fridge gods were telling me to do more, to reach further. I
soon answered them with a huge shopping trip to Big C. I bought it all. Well, I thought I did, until I came home and all I added was more milk, yogurt, and fruit juice. What a champion, I still had no idea to do with the new freedoms that fridges offer.

That’s when a brilliant idea hit me while I was sitting next to a passed out drunk on the bus back to my site. What are other volunteers putting in their fridges? I mean, we all have access to the same types of foods and they must be using their fridges for more than dairy products and cold peanut butter. So, I got some friends to send me pictures of their fridges.

AlyssaSingh_Sticky Rice

Alyssa Singh

PCV Christiana Lang’s fridge is bursting and she says that you can always find Sriracha and coffee in her fridge. Well, I stay away from coffee and if I did make coffee, I would feel awful cheating on my best friend/coffee vendor next door so that was out. But, I did appreciate her use of space. I did read that fridges use less energy if your fridge is full because the items retain the temperature and help keep the machine cool.

AmandaL_Sticky Rice

Amanda Leibenhaut

PCV Alyssa Singh says that you could always find eggs in her fridge. Well, now there’s a thought. If I bought more eggs, then I could take up more space … and maybe eventually cook more eggs. The thought dials are starting to turn.

PCV Abby June says she always has water in her fridge, which makes sense since we are in Thailand. While PCV Annie Grayson says you can always find yogurt in her fridge.

I also spoke with PCV Amanda Leibenhaut who says she keeps iced water balloons in her freezer to put on her knees. I think this is a brilliant use of freezer space since all I have currently is an empty ice cube tray and some ice accumulation.

Overall, I have high hopes for my fridge and I do hope it goes to good use. If it doesn’t, I know I’ll always be content with having cold milk with my cereal in the morning.

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