Camp GLOW 2558

Khao Rai Sub Da


With sincerest warmth, the Camp GLOW team would like to invite you, a Thai counterpart and six of your students to a 5-day, 5-night camp celebrating, encouraging and empowering gender equality here in Thailand!

And we have great news! In the spirit of inclusion of all genders (and expressions) in working together toward gender equality, this year for the first time EVER we are hosting both Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and Camp BROS (Boys Respecting Others and Self).

​You can find the complete and detailed information in the application and the info sheets, but here are the highlights:

Who? 10 groups of: PCV + adult counterpart + 6 students (3 girls + 3 boys, b.6 or m.1)

Where? Central Thailand, location TBD

When? November 8-13

Why? The purpose of Camp GLOW/BROS is to empower Thai youth with skills, knowledge, and self-esteem. Ideally the youth will return to their communities full of self-confidence, enthusiasm, and newfound leadership skills.  We hope that the youth, with the help of the PCV and counterpart, will be able to create new projects at site, and empower other youth in their communities using activities and lessons they learned at Camp GLOW/BROS.

How? If you would like to attend, please fill out the attached application together with a counterpart, save as “Camp_GLOW_Application_2015_YOURLASTNAME.docx” and submit by emailing CampGLOW Thailand no later than Friday, October 9

Questions? Let us know! Email us at the address listed on the Wiki or in our announcement in Khao Rai Sub Da newsletter 223.

CampGLOW (and BROS!) Team​

Elizabeth Moulton | Director of Operations

Chris Leubbe | Director of Events

Maddie Aggeler | Director of Public Relations

Ashley Dezen | Director of Finance​

​John Carlson| Director of Awesome

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