Our New Music Section

Hey all you wenches,

It is time! Time to get your boogey on, whip your hair back and forth, groove through the rice fields with todays latest jams and watch me nae nae in BKK.


That’s right folks, the Music section of Sticky Rice is officially up and running!

What is in this fabulous and ever sought after section?

Well, we shall have…

-A monthly list of America’s Top 40 most popular songs so you guys can keep up with what’s on ‘fleek’ in the states so you aren’t total musical outcasts after COS.

-A weekly Thai music video so you can show off at Karaoke!

– New songs from the states and abroad of all different genres updated on a bi-weekly basis.

And so much more!!

How will you get all this music and please everyones tastes?

Luckily there is a submissions page on Sticky Rice (with a link located conveniently in the Music Section menu) where you guys can send new music you find to share with your friends! Remember that team work always makes the dream work! Feel free to send youtube videos or just names of songs with the artist name! We are always looking for new beats to share and shake our fine asses to.lean-with-it-rock-with-dancing-cats

So get on there, submit, search, share, like and rave.

Party on.


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