Peace Corps Thailand Instagram Yoga Challenge

Jenny Glo, 127

Yoga Challenge


Sticky Rice Magazine proudly announces the Peace Corps Thailand Instagram Yoga Challenge!!

What’s an Instagram Yoga Challenge you ask? And what does it have to do with my Peace Corps Service? An Instagram Yoga Challenge is a way for communities all around Thailand to join together in experiencing the benefits of a yoga practice. Each month Sticky Rice will release a Yoga Challenge Calendar, focusing on a different theme for your yoga practice. Each week Volunteers are then asked to post a picture of the weekly pose. This picture can be of yourself doing the pose, of someone else doing the pose or maybe of a group of people in the pose. This is an opportunity to be creative with your yoga practice and a way for us to practice together. All we ask when you post your Instagram masterpieces to use the #’s at the top of the calendar. Most importantly #PCVTYOGACHALLENGE and #FitCorps this way we can easily see all the beautiful yoga you are doing and inspiring around your communities.

Happy Instragraming for a Happy August!!!

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