American Women’s Club Scholarship Camp

Khao Rai Sub Da

American Women’s Club (AWC) Scholarship Camp: Seven Volunteers are needed to help with the AWC Scholarship Camp this year.  Over the years, the PCVs who have participated in the camps have been instrumental to their success.  The camps have involved over 400 scholarship high school girls in 39 schools across rural Thailand. This year’s Scholarship camp will run Nov 13 to 15 at Noenpor Rungnokchanootid School, near Phitchit and involve 12 schools from the central region of Thailand.  We anticipate approximately 130 M-4 – M6 female students to attend.

The AWC program will cover the cost of bus travel, lodging and food for PCVs.  If you are interested in helping and your participation will not interfere with your work at site, please let your Program Manager know and copy Khun Suthanya.  Volunteers will be selected on a first come, first served basis

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