Volunteers in Action Recruiting Others Update

Khao Rai Sub Da

Important VARO Update: Recently the Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services has taken over the VARO (Volunteers in Action Recruiting Others) program.

In short, VARO is a program that encourages currently serving PCVs to speak about their experiences when they travel back to the US on leave. If PCVs speak about their Peace Corps service to any public audience, they can earn extra vacation days. For every day they schedule a Third Goal activity, they can earn one additional vacation day – up to three days total.

Here is how VARO works:

Ø PCVs get permission from their Country Director – allowing as much time as possible for the approval process.

Ø PCVs register their event with Peace Corps. This allows us to track the events and ensures PCVs get their Third Goal Kit.

Ø PCVs contact the Recruitment Office in their region informing recruitment staff when they intend to visit and speak.

Without these three steps, PCVs are not eligible for the extra leave day(s) benefit.

The best time to start working on the Third Goal is during service when PCVs have an eager, captive audience. VARO is an incredible opportunity to educate, combat misperceptions, and show host country pride. Check out our VARO blog post for more information.

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