Have Yous Eaten Yet?

Lentil Hummus

Rosie O’Connor, 125


1 c red lentils

1 c water

2 gloves garlic diced

3 big spooncumin(or more to taste)

2-3big spoon coconut oil(or any oil that doesn’t have a strong taste)

1 big spoon lime juice

1 big spoon salt


Cook lentils in rice cooker on normal setting. When they are done scoop out and stir until consistency is uniform. They get pretty mushy so there’s no need for a blender. Add all the other ingredients and mix. I mix the cumin and coconut oil first, but I’m not sure its necessary. These are a substitute for tahini. If you have tahini you should use that instead. Then you basically just add more salt, lime or cumin until you think it tastes good.


*Green lentils don’t work as well, stick to red!



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