Lydia Kilian is the PCT ‘Blog It Home’ Finalist!!!

     Khao Rai Sub Da

  PCV Lydia Kilian, Group 126, has been selected as a Blog It Home finalist! After receiving more than 400 Volunteer blog submissions from all over the world as part of the 2015 Blog It Home competition, the judges selected Khun Lydia Kilian as a finalist to move on to the public voting round of the competition.

Congratulations Lydia!

     Starting on August 3, Peace Corps HQ will post a photo, blog description, and link to the finalists’ blog in an album on Peace Corps’ Facebook page. The public will then be invited to “Like” the blogs that they think should win the competition. Voting will run from August 3-August 10. The Office of Third Goal will use the public votes to help them decide which Volunteers will win a trip to Washington, D.C. from Sept. 14-20.

When they put it up, we will provide the link to Lydia’s Facebook voting page and invite all of our RPCVs and family members to vote for Lydia!

Check out her blog here: 

Also check out Peace Corps Thailand’s BIH winner from last year, and the former Sticky Rice Editor-In-Chief: Christine Bedenis

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