The Green Lanterns

Elora Herberick, 127

A silent fog glides over the alien horizon as dawn breaks the balmy darkness. The glowing jade hues beckoning in the distance, both near and far. In the North and South, the East and West; the Green Lanterns hold their rings of brilliant green and power high into the thrusting wind.

They are one.

A united front of superior will. These brave souls who travel through space and time take on a new and unpredictable world. Exotic beings in a foreign land, alone in essence but bonded together in a most magnificent and unique fashion.

The Green Lanterns power of will and fierce integrity may lay within their bonding rings; but the real hero in this story stands within every members’ strong mind. Each member must be fearless, and have the strength of will to complete their service.  To awaken the power of the rings, the Lanterns must individually have an undoubted strength of character, dedication and commitment to their fellow Lanterns and the people they have sworn to serve. To make these supernatural bands of glaucous pigment work properly, the wearers must clearly envision their goals and use their immense will to produce the outcome they so desire.

If a Lantern wants to fly through their service with the greatest of ease, they must accept their weaknesses, utilize their strengths, maintain focus, and use their powers to integrate with the people of this foreign land. A Lantern always knows that no matter the circumstances, the members of The Green Lantern Corps (GLC) are always connected and bonded for life, even if they are not visibly seen. If the Lanterns keeps these things in mind, concentrate hard enough, and devote themselves fully to their own concept of greatest, the Lanterns will soar high enough to touch the stars.

If a Lantern wants to create positive change and instill excellence in the next generation, they must be like Buddha and ‘jai yen yen’.

If a Lantern wants to teach English and Life Skills, spread awareness of HIV/AIDS, environmental protection, nutrition and health knowledge, the importance of gender equality, and the like; the Lantern must begin with a positive mindset and massive courage.

The GLC has the potential to change lives. Although sometimes it may seem to be on nothing but the microscopic level, every small change a Lantern makes thus snowballs into multiple lives transformed.

Each Green Lantern Corps member was chosen with great care. They possess the experience, the skills, and the enthusiasm to thrive in any surrounding despite hardship, loneliness, and frustration. The members have gone through intensive, mind altering language and technical training. During that time the members were bonded through their like-mindedness. Some time later, the GLC deemed the Lanterns ready to illuminate. When sworn into service, they slid those gifted green rings onto their hopeful fingers. In that moment, time stood still. A great responsibility lay on their shoulders. While the Lanterns hail from different states, varying educational backgrounds and occupational histories, from that swearing-in ceremony forward, they, together hold the key to becoming some of the greatest superheroes ever seen.

Their solidarity gives them the power to make great change, their ideas and past lives have made the Lanterns who they are today.

Passing through a night market or walking down a street in Bangkok, the average citizen would never know who the Lanterns are. They are passed off as just another tourist, a farang, an outsider amongst millions of people. Only the Lanterns and those they work and live with know the truth.

A superhero in disguise, with a passionate heart and masterly crafted mind. The Green lanterns  can make quite literally whatever they can conjure up. Although their time in service is short in comparison, their impact is limitless.


To the Green Lanterns,

Know this.

As Voltaire and Spiderman’s Benjamin Parker once said,

 “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Picture it, think purposefully, and like Nike says, “Just do it.

In the end, you name it, a Green Lantern can do it.

‘In the brightest day or darkest night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evils might

Beware my power

Green Lanterns light!

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