All Volunteer Survey (AVS)

Ken Puvak, Khao Rai Sub Da

As someone who has participated in the annual country portfolio review process (an in-depth assessment of all of our country programs based upon AVS and other data) over the past four years, I can personally assure you that the information you provide through the AVS is taken very seriously both at headquarters and in the field.

I would strongly urge you to make your voices heard. It is very important to the health of the Peace Corps Thailand program that we hear from each and every one of you. Your perspective on the quality of programming, training, administrative, medical and safety & security support are critical to improving our operations.

Survey responses are completely confidential and completing the survey online takes only 30-45 minutes.

Please remember we have some great prizes: Three Volunteers will win a PIZZA Voucher, if we meet our target of 95% completion.  If we reach a 100% response rate, I promise to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies for every Volunteer.

Admin unit will sweeten the pot and provide Three Volunteers with Salsa and Chips, if we meet our target of 95% completion.

As of today, we are only at 68%.  The deadline is August 14.

 If you have already completed the survey, thank you! For those remaining, please do your part.

After you complete the survey please email Kathryn Goldman and Khun Suthanya to let them know that you completed it. 

*Contact information and the AVS link can be found in your email.

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