HIV/AIDS Specialist Visits Reconnect

HIV/AIDS committee
andrea de santis

This month, Peace Corps Thailand is fortunate to host Andrea DeSantis, the HIV Prevention Specialist from PC headquarters.  While here she will be facilitating reproductive health sessions at Reconnect as well as meeting with our HIV/AIDS committee.

It would greatly contribute to the productivity of our meeting if PCV’s would drop us a line concerning their involvement with HIV/AIDS related projects at site, or lack thereof.  We want to know what these projects are looking like, who you are working with, where they are taking place, and how you are pulling them off.  Any stories of success OR failure are welcome!  We really want to know what questions or issues you have had getting started, applying for grants, working with counterparts, problems in your community, etc.

Even one sentence stating “this is what happened at my site” will help us help Ms.DeSantis help you.

Thanks in advance!

Peace Corps Thailand HIV/AIDS committee 

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