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Thai Youth Theatre Project

Every year, the Thai Youth Theatre (TYT) committee hosts a festival that brings groups of students from around the country to perform plays in English. At the Thai Youth Theatre Festival, students learn skills such as acting, singing, and dancing. This helps build confidence and self-esteem while promoting friendships between young people from around Thailand. Most of the groups prepare their plays with the help of a Peace Corps Volunteer, but some groups worked with a PCV in the past and continued to come to the TYT festival even after their PCV went home. The festival is just that great!

Right now, the TYT committee is looking for three individuals to work in the areas of administration, creative affairs, and public relations. You do not need to have experience in the theater to apply. Please see the application for a detailed description of each position. Note that being on the committee doesn’t mean that you have to bring a group to the festival – joining the committee is a great way to be involved with TYT if you are interested but don’t have an interested counterpart. Moreover, being on the TYT committee is a wonderful way to add skills and experience to your repertoire. Any of these three positions will all help beef up your already awesome post-Peace Corps CV.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the current TYT committee members if interested in applying, bringing a group to the 2016 festival, or working on theatre related activities in your community.

Please watch our video of

The 10th Anniversary of the Thai Youth Theater festival!

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