NBTC: All pre-paid numbers must be registered before 31 July

Khao Rai Sub Da

Due to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announcement, both new and current customers need to have their prepaid SIM card registered in order to identify ownership and prevent fraud from the use of mobile phone for illegal purposes.
All pre-paid numbers are required to be registered by 31 July 2015, otherwise the number will be blocked from making calls and internet access.  Number registration can be made at the operators’ service centers, resellers, ‘Two-Takes’ application service point, and retails with registration service symbols nationwide.


Simply bring your SIM card, mobile phone and passport to register at any of the “subscriber information registration points” at Big C and Tesco Lotus or local store of your mobile network provider or any retailers with the sign.

Here are the customer service contact details for the mobile operators in Thailand:

 Ø  AIS: call 1175

Ø  DTAC: call 1678 (press 7 for English)

Ø  True: call 1331

The information used for the registration will be protected, and registrations will not incur any service fees. Users can check for their registration status by calling *151# to receive the status of their number via text message.


Please  note that Khun Panatda will return Volunteer’s passports at around mid June.  You can only submit the original copy of your passport for your phone registration.

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  1. They should send you a text, and hopefully if you are registered as requiring English texts, you should receive it in English. If not, you might need to ask a neighbor for help, or brush up on your Thai reading skills!


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