Becoming Unwrinkled

Christine Bedenis, 125

If you’re like me and refuse to iron anything in this weather, but also have an office that likes to comment on your wrinkled clothes (I just biked here! That’s how my clothes got so wrinkly! I swear!), then finding a way to make your freshly laundered clothes just that much more riap roy is of mild importance. Check out the options below, and soon the positive reinforcement of Thai compliments will be rolling in.

1 T fabric softener
1 c water
Mix in a spray bottle, spray and pull out wrinkles.

If you have a water heater, take a hot shower and hang your wrinkled clothes near by. After, pull out the wrinkles.

Use a hair dryer, blow on the article of clothing and pull out the wrinkles.

Best results: Lay the article of clothing between two damp towels and press out the wrinkles.

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